Tingle’s Way

A self-guided trail and link route to the South Downs

We all depend on healthy ecosystems in our daily lives; to clean the air we breathe, generate drinking water, provide us with food and pollinate our crops, cycle nutrients and decompose waste, provide opportunities for recreation, learning, aesthetic, spiritual inspiration, sequester carbon for climate regulation, pest and disease control and more. We regard all this as ecosystem services.

Tingle’s Way

• Takes us on a journey of discovery, making the invisible visible.
• Helps us discover how natural ecosystems are our life support system, delivering essential services for free.
• Increases awareness of how our demands are seriously threatening the capacity of natural ecosystems to support us.
• Aims to inspire and empower us to share in actions that are helping to make our relationship more sustainable.

Tingle’s Way is about sharing, interdependence, sustainability, nurturing, enhancing our wellbeing!

Colin Tingle, 1959 – 2017

Tingle’s Way is a tribute to Colin Tingle who played a key role in heightening our awareness of how our lives are intertwined with all of life and living systems and especially how ecosystem services benefit our economy and society. He achieved this through workshops and guided Naturegain walks he lead in person as part of L&OVe (Lewes and Ouse Valley Eco-nomics). Tingle’s Way is a natural progression from Colin’s work inspiring us and offering us the opportunity to strengthen our connections for a more sustainable future.

Many people are helping to make Tingle’s Way and it is already evolving! New branches, circuits and tangents will develop with themed stories. Join the trail where you want – there is no end point!

the egg of wellbeing

“Economic wellbeing is nested in human wellbeing and both are fed by healthy natural ecosystems”
Colin Tingle